Article in l’Argus de l’Enseigne – november 2016 :
Review of the obligations of a shopping mall lessor”

“In its latest edition (April 2016 – no. 50), “L’Argus de l’Enseigne” examined whether “a shopping mall lessor has more obligations than a city centre lessor”. Under this evocative title, Maître Christophe Denizot drew the readers’ attention to the grounds for an interim order handed down by the Bobigny District Court on 8 January 2016 (docket no. 15/02035), in a dispute between the owner of the Aéroville shopping mall and a lessee that was operating under the Harcourt brand. As the same causes produce the same effects, the situation occurred again in the Le Millénaire shopping mall with the Levi’s store”.

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Article in l’Argus de l’Enseigne – april 2017 :
Reform of the law on obligations and commercial leases: good faith, standard form agreements and unforeseeable events: has the time for change come?

“The purpose of this article is not to review the potential impacts on commercial leases of each of the 332 or so new articles in the Civil Code, but more realistically to identify the practical effects that the three “flagship” provisions of the reform could have, or not have, on the leases entered into or renewed as from 1 October 2016. It reports on a presentation given at the Forum des Sites organised by “Sites Commerciaux” magazine on 31 January 2017”.

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Article in CCEF Convergence – november 2018 :
“A free share allotment plan: an excellent way to retain employees, subject to control of certain mechanisms”

“The decision to open the share capital of a company to its employees usually takes place at a stage in which the company is mature.
French law offers companies different legal instruments, each with its own advantages and disadvantages: stock options, BSPCEs, capital increases reserved for employees, free share allotment plan …”

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