Lebray & Associés has developed over the years a specific and advanced expertise in counselling, pre-litigation and litigation in relation to commercial practices, with a business-minded approach leading us to adapt our recommendations to the specific business issues at stake.

One of the firm’s core activities is to advise corporate clients on topics such as drafting of complex commercial agreements, risk management, restrictive practices, bankruptcy / recovery proceedings and compliance.

In the field of distribution, i.e. supplier / distributor relationships, the firm is regularly helping clients to set up distribution networks, manage / restructure distribution channels, taking into account their business approach in conformance with the statutory and regulatory rules, whether on a national or European standpoint.

The firm advises clients on all aspects of distribution related issues: franchise, selective or exclusive, sales techniques, industrial and trade relations, terms of sales, listing, commercial partnerships, etc.

The firm is in this respect not dedicated to a specific business field, and advises clients operating in a number of sectors such as luxury goods, chemical industry, automotive industry, health and beauty products, or high-tech products, thereby giving them the advantage of cross-sector expertise.