Lebray & Associés is specialized in matters involving corporate matters, as well as small-cap transactions and corporate restructuration, in particular for the benefit foreign clients who have assets in France, some of which are held by investment funds. We however do not have any expertise in tax and labour law issues, which are dealt with via other “boutique” and dedicated law firm we are used to work with.

The firm’s expertise covers the various aspects of corporate life, such as acquisitions and sales of business concerns or companies, restructuration, hive-downs, mergers/spin-off, joint venture agreements and shareholders’ agreements. The firm handles all aspects of such operations, including due diligence reviews, negotiation and drafting of contractual documents, and intra-group agreements.
Lebray & Associés also provides ongoing legal assistance services for the day-to-day corporate affairs of client companies, and advises on risk mitigation for their corporate officers and shareholders in light of changes in applicable standards. These services primarily include advice on corporate secretarial services, compliance, powers of attorney, refinancing and securities issues.
The firm assists its clients in the event of litigation between shareholders or following a restructuring.